Do not drink cold water immediately after having meal. The oil butter or ghee present in food may get solidify there by digesting the food slowly. Having warm or lukewarm water after meal is good for digestion.
Chewing 3-4 curry leaves after meal is very good for diabetic patients . It will not allow the sugar to mix in blood.
Eating a fresh fruit every day in the morning is good for health. Fruit is better option for juice, as it contains fibers which helps in reducing constipation .
Bright colored fruits like Strawberry, Orange, Grapes, Mango glow your skin along with enhancing good health.
Fast food, Cold drinks and other instant foods contain artificial color and flavours that causes Allergies. It also increases Obesity.
For mental health, go according to your inner voice rather than material pleasure. Mental satisfaction keeps you healthy.
Drinking water stored in Copper vessel will prevent you from water borne diseases. It is proved that Copper act as disinfectant and purifies water.
Those who are having Prostate gland enlargement should urinate in full squatting position.
While sleeping at night, prefer sleeping on left lateral position (i.e. left side of the body) and in day time sleep on right lateral position (i.e. right side of the body). Avoid sleeping on back and abdominal position as it may cause Snoring and Nightfall in male.
Drinking 1 cup of Black Tea without Sugar is good for health as it is rich in antioxidants. Use minimum amount of Bakery products and artificial drinks.


Be gentle with your skin don’t over wash or scrub hard, it destroys suppleness. After washing gently pat your face dry
Drinking water gives the skin a radiant, youthful complexion and iron out wrinkles.
Warm water opens up your pores and cold water closes them, so wash your face with warm water.
Washing face three times a day cleanses the skin, cools skin temperature, improves circulation and stimulates nerve endings.


Instead of fasting, fill on foods that have a lot of water, fibres or both(such as fruits, veggies and beans)
What to eat to get slim guide
GINGER contains healthy compounds that ease stomach
PARSLEY is a natural diuretic that keeps water retention in check.
Enjoy the fresh herbal flavour it adds to lunches and dinners.
PEPPERMINT delivers a compound called Menthol which relaxes the intestine and keeps your stomach from bulging.
PINEAPPLE not only add juicy sweetness to your meals but also contains Bromelain, a digestive enzyme that helps to breakdown food to reduce bloating.
Yogurt boasts good bacteria (probiotics) and is an excellent source of Calcium and Protein. It also contributes colon health and reduce cholesterol